Auto Dynamic Corporation is engaged in the distribution of Alloy wheels and Tyres all over India. We have our dealers and distributors all over India and we enjoy leadership position in the Industry. The headquarter of Auto Dynamic is in Ludhiana and it has sales offices in New Delhi and Bangalore. Company has in its portfolio some of the very reputed Brands of Alloy wheels and tyres.

Plati Alloy wheels: Plati was introduced in 2005 to cater to the growing demand of Alloy wheels in the market. Plati is known for its design range which is the best in Industry. Plati has more than 100 running designs for different cars and the number is growing every day. Plati is the perfect combination of Affordability, Quality and best Designs. Today Plati is market leader in terms of sales and brand visibility in the industry.

Plati Premium Range: Plati Premium range consists of selected designs in exclusive color combinations. This range will cater to the taste of discerning customers who like to go for something different. Different choices of finishes and color combinations are being made available for high end cars. Current range starts from 14 inches.

At present Indian Automobile Accessory Industry is booming and market for imported Alloy wheels and Imported tyres is growing at a very fast pace. This is relatively a young industry and the size of the industry is expected to explode in coming years as the general awareness improves. Auto Dynamic Corporation being the pioneers in this field is well placed to capture the major pie of growing market and further consolidate its position as the Numero Uno in this space.

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