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Warranty :

Plati India Private Limited- Warranty Policy


Wheels sold by Plati India Pvt Ltd are warranted against any structural defects and failure in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one year from the date of Purchase.

The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of wheel s at the sole discretion of Plati India Pvt Ltd, for wheels determined to be defective and covered under warranty.

Wheels will not be replaced due to defect in the accessories.

The warranty will not apply to if:

Wheels are not purchased from an authorised Plati India retailer.

Wheels are altered, modified repaired or tempered with.

Wheels are damaged due to negligence in driving, road hazard, accident or racing would not be covered under the warranty policy.

Wheels used under heavy loads and incorrect tyre sizes would not be covered.

 There is Corrosion or cosmetic flaws in the wheels due to chemical use, caustic agents, climate conditions etc .

Discolouring of Metallic Coating due to caustic agents will not be covered in Plati India warranty policy.

All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded. 

Dispatch in 2-3 working days.

PLATI   PY-1705F

17*8.0 - 114*5 - Full Machined Black

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Product Description


INTRODUCING FLOW FORMING WHEELS • Presently, wheels that are available in the Indian Market are produced using either of the two following techniques: 1) Gravity Casting 2) Low Pressure Die Casting • There are two more latest techniques of making alloy wheels. They are: 1) Flow Forming technique 2) Forging • We are introducing a new range of alloy wheels produced by using a combination of Low Pressure Die Casting and Flow Forming Technique. ADVANTAGES OF FLOW FORMED WHEELS • The strength of a wheel manufactured using flow forming technology is similar to a forged wheel and much more than a cast wheel. • Substantially low cost as compared to that of a forged wheel. • The flow formed wheel is lighter in weight. • The wheel has increased tensile strength making it stronger. • Increased elongation. • Greater shock resistance capacity. • Ability to increase load capacity over a normal wheel.

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Technical Specification

Alloy Size 17"
PCD 114.3
Hole 5
Color FMBK
CB 67.1
ET 35