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Warranty :



This Warranty applies to all PCR and SUV tyres sold only by authorized dealers of Plati India Pvt Ltd.

Roadcruza tyres warranty covers tyres which have been manufactured within 2 yrs and are warranted against unserviceable conditions arising due to manufacturing defects.


  • If a Roadcruza tyre becomes unserviceable under the certain specified conditions, the company stands warranty on the tread wear on a pro-rata basis.
  • Tread wear is the difference in the original depth of the tread and the remaining depth after usage.

What does not covered under this warranty?

Barkley tyres are not warranted against any damages done to the tyre due to the drivers fault:


  • Tyre damage due to road hazards, stones, nails, glass, potholes, kerbs, impact damage or by fire or accidents is not covered under the RWP.
  • Tyres defects due to the defective mechanical conditions of the vehicle, including misalignment, wheel imbalance, and faulty suspension or brakes etc are not covered under the RWP.
  • Condition of tyre dues to improper storage and improper application would not be covered under the RWP.
  • A tyre damaged due to it being run flat in case of Puncture is not covered under the RWP.
  • Tyre deformation after the first  20% of usable groove depth is not covered in the RWP.
  • Tyres worn out: 1.6 mm or  less of remaining groove depth.
  • Premature failure of tyres or irregular wear due to improper inflation (Over or under) is not covered under the RWP.

All obligations or liabilities for loss of time, inconvenience, loss of use of vehicle or other incidental or consequential damages are hereby excluded. 

Adjustments by tread wear proportion: 
Tyres adjustable under this warranty program shall be adjusted on pro-rata basis wherein amount to be compensated shall be calculated based on remaining tread depth measurement. 

Adjustment procedure: 
Claim against the tyre which has become unserviceable within the terms of the warranty program shall be lodged with an authorized PLATI dealer. The decision made by the authorized Plati India Pvt. Ltd. representative in accessing the failure shall be final. 

Note: Tyres rejected for any claim as per warranty program remain the property of the consumer and PLATI INDIA shall not be liable for loss or damage to the same. Tyres adjusted under this warranty program shall become the property of Plati India Pvt. Ltd. All service charges, taxes, mounting, and balancing charges shall be borne by the consumer, liability of the company is limited only to the cost of the tyre on pro-rata basis.

Roadcruza   RA-510


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Product Description


1.4Widelongitidinal grooves provide rapid water drainage and ensure the safety on wet roads. 2. Variable pitch and optimized lateral groove angles efficiently reduce the riding noise. 3. Optimized ground contact shape reduces the rolling resistance and enhances the riding stability. 4. Compound formula with high percentage of silica enhances the grip performance on the wet roads.

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Technical Specification

Width 205"
Profile 55
Diameter 15
Load Index: 88
Speed Rating: V